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blue point born on 22 march 1997
Breeder Laura Bersano

200201guinyartu.jpg (28380 byte)

My first Birman...

Guinevere is a cat and, just like all other cats, is special. She is a high jump champion. When she was nearly six months old she in fact jumped down (or just slid?)  the eighth floor. Don't worry... only a little dotage. 

gatto001.jpg (80051 byte)

Guinevere 9 months

gatto006.jpg (44414 byte)

She is a very smart cat, big size, a good hunter and a wonderful mother. 
She constantly looks forward to an open window to jump outside....

2309guinygattappera.jpg (32971 byte)

Guiny  2001

211001guinypicm2w.jpg (40656 byte)

She is the boss.

Guinevere becomes famous...

Guinevere's kittens:
Beren & Berenice
Evrain of Brandigan
Faerie Kiss Elaine Lady of Shalot & Faerie Kiss Excalibur of Arthur

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