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Faerie Kiss Cattery
Roberta Bianchi
FIFe - ANFI approved
Sacred Cat of Burma

I fell in love with Birmans in 1997 when my first blue point Guinevere entered my home.
In 1998, thanks to her first litter I decided to breed. Having kittens is en extreme joy to me.

I then started looking for a lilac point female (this colour was  not so common in Italy) and I wanted her to match my ideal Birman in temperament and stardard. It was an hard search...
Two years ago I took a plane to Germany and came back home with Tinuviel.

My cattery nowadays also includes Edjem Be My Faery, Tinuviel's daughter, and Jilgamesh, also coming from Germany, who does not live here but with my friend Barbara in Trieste.

Since 2001 my cattery if FIFe approved with the name "Ferie Kiss". In Italy, to get a name for your cattery, you need to own at least two queens who already gave birth to healthy kittens and one male. This is the reason why I could not ask for it before and my "old" kittens cannot have their surname "Faerie Kiss".

Why Faerie Kiss?
You need to be careful walking through the woods: if a fairy kisses you, you loose mortality and will stay forever in their world. That's what Birmans do, they look at you and you are totally lost. You cannot help thinking of them!

Birmans are very playful cats and in the meantime they are sooo sweet. They love people, children and other animals, too.

The standard of this breed is very difficult to be achieved. Most of the kittens are pet quality and this is the reason why the most important thing, in my opinion, is to breed looking for a purrrfect temperament and for healthy cats, not only for standard.

My queens usually have one litter per year. Colours we may obtain this year are seal, chocolate, blue, lilac also in tabby. They leave their mothers when they are three months old and I will not allow them to travel alone to their new houses.

I suggest to everyone who decides to adopt a pedigreed cat who will be a companion for life, to personally visit the cattery the kitten comes from before making such an important choice.


via Donizetti 21 - 24040 Canonica d'Adda - Bergamo - Italy
30 km est from Milan
Tel: (0039)0290989740      Fax: (0039)02700409539
Mobile: ++39 335 8105697