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Int.Ch. Las Perlas-Sin Luthien Tinuviel
lilac point born on 19 february 2000
Blood group A
Breeder Bettina Rode - Las Perlas-Sin

"I am Viel for my friends, and I.Ch. Las Perlas-Sin Luthien Tinuviel for FIFe.
What does it mean?
Viel: this is my short name at home. They need a short name to call me when I do something wrong. I love eating and jump on all tables to steal tasty food.
Las Perlas-Sin: is my surname, the name of Bettina's cattery in Germany where my mum  (Jazzy Lee), my dad (Troubadour, he comes from Australia) and my grandparents live. Would you like to meet them? Go here.
Las Perlas is a river in South American rain forest. Luthien Tinuviel is a princess of the Elves that  - as Tolkien writes - gave away her immortality to follow her beloved Beren.

20020113vielvarese.jpg (10284 byte)

This is me one month old:

and two months old:

I am very happy to be here together with Guinevere. She adopted me and she is a real mum to me."
tinuviel11mesitondo.gif (298495 byte)
See the pictures of my first litter.
Next litter: May 2002

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